Bok and Mevissen are always looking for new daring different areas of excitement that will result in increased revenue. 
Animation is one of their favorite ways to to express the individuality and amplify uniqueness of a brand. Bok and Mevissen are fond of animation and storytelling. However, they are great storytellers themselves and animation can push brands , with universal stories and striking visuals designed to captivate and engage any audience. Bok and Mevissen made many animation commercials for their own brands and for other brands.
Another type of animation Bok and Mevissen like to use is stop-motion. They made 20 short MTV commercials such as the old days from the 80s, back when the channel was so simple and not a reality TV channel.  Every one of their 
commercials tells a short story like a fairytale.
Sammy Says is a doll stop-motion comedy animation. Sammy Says is not only very funny, it’s the sharpest comedy exactly what MTV deserves. In all the 90 Sammy Says episodes, Sammy likes to share his own wisdom. Sammy is a cute innocent naïve looking doll. He is famous for being a straightforward, foul mouthed, widly political incorrect, immoral little monstrosity doll.


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