Nordic Equation Identity
Logo and identity for Nordic Equation.
Toad General Store Design
Logo and brand strategy for Toad. A new General Store in Frogtown Los Angeles.
Dutch insurance company a.s.r. asked us to design a new corporate identity for them. As we came up with a new strategy for this company, helping others and being very basic with not too much waste, we liked to see this reflected in the logo.
Graphic Design, Typography, Writing
New Remia logo design
We've been asked to redesign the outdated Remia logo as a brand exercise. With every design we created a brand strategy.
255 Coffee Package design
We designed a new logo, packages, labels and sub brands for German coffee roasting company 255
255 Coffee logo design
We designed a new logo, packages, labels and sub brands for German coffee roasting company 255
LA Residents Association logo
The essence of LA’s creativity with our latest creation for a Los Angeles residents association. the handmade typography is a nod to the vibrant LA art scene.
John Doe created several logo's for MTV.
KPN Digitale TV
KPN asked John Doe to design the new logo and products for their digital television.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Industrial Design
Studio logo for movies
Created the production logo for Mosaic to go in front of all their feature movies.
Sunnysideup Logo
True American Jeans
A logo and a visual identity for a local Jeans brand originated and made in Texas.
Organic Farm
Jefferson Whiskey
Label, logo and product design for a new Whiskey brand by the design studio of John Doe LA.
Quick Logo design
Quick came to John Doe for the re-launch into the Dutch market. Quick was an old Dutch sports brand that was out of commission since the 80's. We re-designed the logo but wanted to keep most of the original feel of the logo. We made all logo's, designs and campaign for the launch of Quick in 2001.
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
Design and name Amsterdam Restaurant
Black Smoke Bourbon Bar NY
Logo Design Black Smoke Bourbon Bar
Coco Cola
John's Phone
John’s Phone is designed to be a tongue-in-cheek ‘basic backlash’ by targeting users who do not want the flashy features of next-generation models. It also named as the anti-i Phone or dumb phone. John Doe created the phone and all design related to it.
Wild Bill Identity
Wild Bill is an LA based creative production company that asked us to design their corporate identity.
IOS interface Design
John Doe created many interface, icon and game designs for Apple's IOS and OS platforms
Giant Dog Publishers
Kuitu Coffee
Logo and identity for Kuitu Coffee in Los Angeles.
Sick Monkey
Joh Doe came up with the brand name, strategy and did all the design work for this temporary sneaker brand.
Tough Guy Underwear Texas
Logo for a Texas startup company in underwear for construction, hard labor or extreme cold.
The Post Online
Complete logo and website design for online news channel The Post Online.
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
Podcast label
West Hollywood Aquatics
Logo and packaging design for a small local fast-food place.
Designed a new logo for GRV.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Design
Taxi App GUI
Icon and user interface for Dutch Taxi app.
Los Angeles Logo
Logo design for the Flipbook company
From the Supermarket
Lola Lola
Logo design for new Fashion magazine Lola Lola.
Fashion, Graphic Design, Typography
New logo for a company preserving old buildings in the city of Amsterdam.
Advertising, Art Direction, Graphic Design
John Doe came up with a new concept for Dutch insurance company de Amersfoortse and presented this to our client. We created and designed a crowd funding website so entrepreneurs can get their new ideas funded on this website and the Amersfoortse. The strategy behind it is to show this company understands what it is to be an entrepreneur and to stop talking about helping or advising entrepreneurs. John Doe created this project and build the whole website. (John Doe is not responsible for how this site and campaign is managed and ran now)
Advertising, Graphic Design, Web Design
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