Olli Little Golden Book
Book design
Novel design for Ollimania book series.
Graphic Design, Calligraphy, Typography
Olli and The glorious shit storm
Olli creates the biggest shit storm ever happened in history.
Olli A day in Hell
Olli and his friends end up in hell when they decided to go for a picknick. They made a new friend and had the most amazing day.
Olli and the poop canon
A brandnew Olli book. Olli and the poop canon... Olli saving his friend's house with a selfmade poop canon.
Character Design, Illustration, Writing
Olli ce Héro
A beautiful big father's day book. Your father is your hero. The book is 30cm x 30cm.
Book Illustrations
The magnificent inventions of a four eyed pig
Olli gaat op reis
Olli traveling the world and you have to guess where he is.
Happy Ollidays
The ultimate Ollidays book for the holidays.
What will Olli be?
Olli can be anything he likes to be.
Tutje BFF
A book for best friends from age 0 to 100.
Olli is an elephant
Olli is the 100% fake elephant and can be any animal he likes to be by dressing up.
Olli and the desert dragon
Tutje book
The first book of Tutje mousey published in the Netherlands. About a little pink mouse trying to be happy and be loved.
Character Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
Olli droomt (Olli dreams)
Olli dreams. Do you know what about and can you explain?
Illustration, Character Design, Writing
A brandnew Olli book. Olli and the Pudding Rocket
A brandnew Olli book. Olli and the Pudding Rocket. Published in Dutch and English. For more info go to: http://ollimania.com/en/products/books/
Character Design, Digital Art, Illustration
Marike Bok book
An elegant, very sincere, touching, and personal account of the work and life of one of Dutch most talented portrait painters. An irresistible memoir that is at once supremely stylish, full of fascinating details, and deeply touching. Marike Bok Book made by John Doe; designed by Hein Mevissen and written by Didi Bok.
Writing, Art Direction, Graphic Design
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