Charity Commercial
In a heartwarming and innovative initiative, Olli saved a historic zoo in the Netherlands from closure. A beautiful heartwarming short film in collaboration with insurance company A.S.R.
Coffee Olli Animated Commercial
Make every morning delightful with Café Olli! Crafted with the perfect blend of beans from Guatemala, Nicaragua and India, roasted to perfection by Inproc Coffee, Café Olli is sure to give you the perfect kick-start to your day. Enjoy the smooth and nutty taste of Café Olli in your morning cup of coffee and get ready for anything!
Animation short film
'This short film was made and dedicated to the bravery of all heroes in Sophia Children's Hospital' The project is part of 'Olli For Good' a charitable initiative dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. It serves as an inspiration for other organizations and individuals to contribute towards similar charitable endeavors.
Everyone is a Story, Animation film
Step into the enchanting world of Olli with this short emotional and captivating animation. A short film about the magic of keeping memories alive, even when our loved ones are no longer with us. It’s all about the power of keeping the spirit of those we cherish forever alive by keeping their stories alive.
MTV Rocket Bros.
MTV short broadcasted in 82 countries for MTV International.
A French commercial for Adidas directed by Hein Mevissen. French Football star player Karim Benzema features in the commercial.
Advertising, Directing, Film
Günther MTV
A short film written and created for MTV Benelux.
Advertising, Creative Direction, Writing
Campaign for a Dutch insurance company. John Doe created a completely new marketing strategy for this company and made a campaign for them. This strategy contained also a crowd funding site for entrepreneurs that we've build.
Advertising, Directing, Film
Launch campaign for Bacardi Bright. Several commercials.
Comedy Central
A series of bad jokes seem funny for other reasons...
Directing, Film, Writing
Hand drawn animation films
A hand made 2d animation for the city of Rotterdam.
Centraal beheer
Commercial directed for DDB.
Advertising, Directing, Writing
Comedy Central
A series of short films for the new Comedy Central channel in the Benelux countries.
Advertising, Directing, Writing
Studio logo for movies
Created the production logo for Mosaic to go in front of all their feature movies.
MTV Brad & Eric
A series of witty MTV shorts about two redneck brothers going about their daily lives.
Stop motion Animation
Bok and Mevissen are fond of animation and storytelling. However, they are great storytellers themselves and animation can push brands , with universal stories and striking visuals designed to captivate and engage any audience.
Cartooning, Character Design, Film
Centraal beheer
Commercial for a Dutch company. Call us...
Advertising, Directing, Writing
MTV Animated idents
John Doe made countless MTV idents throughout the years. Some life action, animation, stop motion and more.
Turd Island Animation Film
Ollimania helps a children's hospital in The Netherlands for years now. Next to the giant big olli in the hall of the hospital there is a giant Turd which is a mailbox where kids send letters, drawings and other things to their big friend Olli. Unfortunately the mailbox got stolen... Olli made a new one and brings it back to the children's hospital accompanied by a celebration and other presents. This is part of the teaser film.
Short film for MTV United Kingdom. A boy has a rare disease...
Directing, Film, Writing
Christmas Short Animated movie
One of the old Ben® commercials written and created with Didi Bok.
Advertising, Art Direction, Writing
A short film voor mobile company Ben®.
Advertising, Directing, Film
MTV Shark
One of a series shorts for MTV about completely weird fake shows on MTV.
Directing, Film, Writing
MTV Canada
A short film for the launch of MTV Canada. The short was banned after 3 days.
Directing, Film, Writing
Johan Football Magazine
Commercial for Dutch Johan Football (Soccer) Magazine.
Comedy Central
Alien Comedy Central goes for better ratings for their tv channel. Global warming seems to be a good idea.
Directing, Film, Writing
Commercial made for
Advertising, Art Direction, Film
A series of short Volkswagen commercials directed and produced for DDB Amsterdam.
Advertising, Directing, Film
Hans Brinker Budget Hotel II
Commercial for Hans Brinker Budget Hotel I made for the European football championships. Budget sponsor...
Advertising, Art Direction, Film
Dutch Horticulture
A commercial to promote Dutch Horticulture. A B-movie killer plant takes over.
Character Design, Directing, Film
Series of sarcastic trailers made to criticize the lack of LGBTQ in Dutch tv shows.
Directing, Film, Writing
Hans Brinker Budget Hotel
Commercial for Hans Brinker Budget Hotel I made for the European football championships. Budget sponsor...
Advertising, Art Direction, Film
Cinema commercial I made for mobile operator Libertel in 1997.
Advertising, Art Direction, Writing
SIRE The Game
Commercial made to make people aware of the growing violence of parents on children's sports events.
Just Like Daddy
Wrote and created a short film for MTV networks to respect your parents.
Advertising, Film, Typography
Commercial I directed for Ziggo.
Directing, Film, Writing
Product campaign for Euronics Germany.
Alien Nibb-it
The director's cut of a commercial I directed and designed the character for. The final character was created by Illusion Industries.
Character Design, Directing, Writing
Argos UK
One of a series Argos commercials made at Ogilvy & Mather in the previous century.
Advertising, Art Direction, Writing
Funny or Die 'Bin Laden The Musical'
A short film we wrote with Leon de Winter and is directed by Hein Mevissen. Humor is the strongest weapon of all. Bin Laden the musical.
Directing, Film, Writing
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