Olli character adventure
Illustration, Character Design, Animation
Animation short film
'This short film was made and dedicated to the bravery of all heroes in Sophia Children's Hospital' The project is part of 'Olli For Good' a charitable initiative dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. It serves as an inspiration for other organizations and individuals to contribute towards similar charitable endeavors.
Everyone is a Story, Animation film
Step into the enchanting world of Olli with this short emotional and captivating animation. A short film about the magic of keeping memories alive, even when our loved ones are no longer with us. It’s all about the power of keeping the spirit of those we cherish forever alive by keeping their stories alive.
Hand drawn animation films
A hand made 2d animation for the city of Rotterdam.
Coffee Olli Animated Commercial
Make every morning delightful with Café Olli! Crafted with the perfect blend of beans from Guatemala, Nicaragua and India, roasted to perfection by Inproc Coffee, Café Olli is sure to give you the perfect kick-start to your day. Enjoy the smooth and nutty taste of Café Olli in your morning cup of coffee and get ready for anything!
Turd Island Animation Film
Ollimania helps a children's hospital in The Netherlands for years now. Next to the giant big olli in the hall of the hospital there is a giant Turd which is a mailbox where kids send letters, drawings and other things to their big friend Olli. Unfortunately the mailbox got stolen... Olli made a new one and brings it back to the children's hospital accompanied by a celebration and other presents. This is part of the teaser film.
Christmas Short Animated movie
Olli Dream Big Animation
An short animation film made for the kids in the Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam.
Illustration, Animation, Character Design
Stop motion Animation
Bok and Mevissen are fond of animation and storytelling. However, they are great storytellers themselves and animation can push brands , with universal stories and striking visuals designed to captivate and engage any audience.
Cartooning, Character Design, Film
Olli Little Golden Book
Designed an alien for a Nibb-it commercial I directed.
Character Design, Directing, Film
Food Toys
In 2009 we created a series of food toys for kids. These toys could be collected at international trade shows. Mostly in Asia and the US.
Character Design, Entrepreneurship, Illustration
Olli polyester statue
Bok and Mevissen feel very strongly regarding giving to charities: Ollimania is always involved with giving back to the community. They work with local charity organizations as well as collaborating on common projects, fund-raising and social activities. In 2013 Ollimania saved a historic Zoo. In 2015 Bok and Mevissen donated a huge Olli statue to the Children’s Hospital.
Character Design, Sculpting, Toy Design
3D Character project
Character Design, Illustration, Cartooning
Olli Animation
Donating a big polyester statue to a children's hospital. We made this animation to announce the arrival of Olli the elephant in the Hospital.
Animation, Cartooning, Character Design
Chris the Snowflake
We developed a character for MTV shorts in winter. Chris the Snowflake is a cute snowflake in an identity crisis because there are so many of him.
Character Design, Film, Toy Design
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