Olli Little Golden Book
Alien Nibb-it
The director's cut of a commercial I directed and designed the character for. The final character was created by Illusion Industries.
Character Design, Directing, Writing
Designed an alien for a Nibb-it commercial I directed.
Character Design, Directing, Film
Food Toys
In 2009 we created a series of food toys for kids. These toys could be collected at international trade shows. Mostly in Asia and the US.
Character Design, Entrepreneurship, Illustration
Olli polyester statue
Bok and Mevissen feel very strongly regarding giving to charities: Ollimania is always involved with giving back to the community. They work with local charity organizations as well as collaborating on common projects, fund-raising and social activities. In 2013 Ollimania saved a historic Zoo. In 2015 Bok and Mevissen donated a huge Olli statue to the Children’s Hospital.
Character Design, Sculpting, Toy Design
3D Character project
Character Design, Illustration, Cartooning
Olli Dream Big Animation
An short animation film made for the kids in the Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam.
Illustration, Animation, Character Design
Olli Animation
Donating a big polyester statue to a children's hospital. We made this animation to announce the arrival of Olli the elephant in the Hospital.
Animation, Cartooning, Character Design
Chris the Snowflake
We developed a character for MTV shorts in winter. Chris the Snowflake is a cute snowflake in an identity crisis because there are so many of him.
Character Design, Film, Toy Design
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