An elegant, very sincere, touching, and personal account of the work and life of one of Dutch most talented portrait painter. 
Marike Bok grew up in a Holland. Stunningly beautiful work she made, she set out at a very early age. And find it she did. She painted a lot of famous people like the royal family, highest judges form Supreme Court, professors, intellectuals, artist, 
An irresistible memoir that is at once supremely stylish, full of fascinating details, and deeply touching. 

Marike Bok Book made by John Doe; designed by artist, director Hein Mevissen, written by writer Didi Bok.
Diederiekje Bok and Hein Mevissen created an 800 pages art book of the work from Marike Bok. The book is written by Diederiekje Bok and designed by Hein Mevissen. It was published on september 23 2017 by John Doe LA and Giant Dutch Dog Books.

Author Diederiekje aka Didi Bok
Composition and Research Diederiekje Bok & Hein Mevissen
Book design Hein Mevissen
Cover design Hein Mevissen
Dutch distribution by John Doe BV
Publisher John Doe Productions BV
aka Giant Dutch Dog Books
ISBN 978 90 827372 0 2  NUR 641 

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