The Snow version of our John's Phone. The most simple phone in the world.
John's Phone
Why make it all so difficult?
Stop trying to complicate it all. The tendency to complicate things in it-self gives us lots of
opportunities to come with simplicity!
Simplicity it the key, from this point Bok and Mevi started designing their phone.  Bok and Mevi wanted to make the most simple phone ever, easy to use in every way. This means not only easy buttons and a clear screen but also a very strong battery. 
A battery for one month, this makes it very comfortable to have this phone with you while travelling or just have it with you for unexpected moments for calling. 
Another feature to make the phone simple: the phone should work worldwide. Where ever you are or go this phone makes it all easier for you.
Besides all these important aspects of the phones technology, the phone should look totally different from any other phone. The design should be as simple as it can be in order to fulfill its promise, and for Bok and Mevi it was essential to make a good-looking phone.

In the back of every John's phone there is a paper address booklet.
The John’s Phone
With the growing popularity of smart phone , the John ‘s Phone came popular as the anti- smart phone. The John’s Phone is the answer to the smartphone. It is the ‘ dumb’ phone.
We must remember why cellphones were created. To make and receive phone calls when not in your home. This is exactly what Bok and Mevi had in mind when they designed this phone. They wanted to build a basic phone and they have accomplished their goal.
Only a few simple buttons to control the John's Phone. Downgrading a phone to such a simple device was the most hard part.
John’s Phone is designed to be a tongue-in-cheek ‘basic backlash’ by targeting users who do not want the flashy features of next-generation models. It also named as the anti-iPhone or dumb phone.
Bok and Mevi wanted the phone to have ‘no frills and no unnecessary features such as a camera, text messaging and an endless number of ringtones’. 
At a time when there is an abundance of choices and oppressive channels, they wanted to develop a simple gadget. It is also a useful phone while travelling, exercising or weekend sailing. You always reach for your close family and friends, so John’s Phone is for when the rest of the world does not matter.
The John's Phone logo. Made in different languages. The John's phone was sold in over 46 countries.
It took many samples and CNC models to finally create the John's Phone. We used the name 'phone from the Supermarket' as our project name to keep John's as long as we can a secret.
A picture from the first Phone that actually worked. This is a screenshot from a skypecall from China in 2006.
Some stores had our special designed John's displays. A very simple shape that could be used to store all available John's Phones in one place.
Store in Germany.
Store in Amsterdam Schiphol airport.
Store in Los Angeles
Store in Barcelona.
In Bel Company stores in Holland.
The launch of the Golden John's Phone in The Bijenkorf Amsterdam. Presented by Jim Woods.

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