From the Supermarket
Buy it and it's yours!
In 2004, Bok and Mevissen launched their first brand, ‘From The Supermarket’, which included various types of products, such as water, juice, music, books, tabloid, T-shirts, scooters and toys.
The brand tells it like it is: contrary to its competitors. ‘From The Supermarket’ doesn’t make promises it can’t keep.
The brand is focused on honesty and simplicity rather than exclusivity or provenance, with wording on the label 
‘buy it and it’s yours’.

 Belying the simplicity of the product itself, the packaging for each product is unique and stylish.’ Why not do it prefect and great, it doesn’t cost more.’
It is easy to recognize their work. Bok and Mevi work hard and take every step in their jobs seriously. But they always make time and space for a good laugh and perfection. Whatever it is they make, packaging design,
logo’s or a commercial, they get the most out of it.
Launch party at the Now&Wow in Rotterdam in 2005.
Fashion designer Daryl van Wouw made this special From the Supermarket show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

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