Giant Olli is donated to the Children’s Hospital
Every day Olli makes little patients and their families happy.
Bok and Mevissen see Ollimania as an opportunity to make a direct positive change in our community and around the world.
Olli is Ambassador Sailing Kids Foundation.
Beginning of 2016 Olli was welcomed as the Sailing Kids’ newest Ambassador in Europe. The Sailing Kids Foundation organizes sailing holidays for seriously or chronically sick children, young adults and their families.
The Sailing Kids Foundation is honored to have Olli as the ambassador because he is a beloved cartoon character who has been 
capturing the hearts and imagination of children in Holland and more European countries with his friends, known as Ollimania friends. And Olli speaks to children and young adults in a language they understand. 
Olli’s growing cross-generational appeal has a positive influence with children, their parents and families and with teachers around the world.

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